Penny Wishes

cheley tackett
cheley tackett


She had a smile filled with daisies and a laugh that fell like summer rain She picked pennies from the south track left by folks who still believed in trains She'd hear the echo of the whistle and ride the sound to the state line On a gentle road to nowhere lost on Alabama time She'd throw that copper in the creekbed the old well long ago ran dry But if all you got are penny wishes creekbeds works just fine She lost her childhood at thirteen the day her mama died And her innocence at fifteen to broken promises and lies At eighteen she took off for the city with a simple heart and starry eyes Her whole life packed in just one suitcase and dreams brighter than the city lights Whenever she felt homesick she'd stroll down to the park's south side 'Cause when you're short on creekbeds Bethesda fountain works just fine She never got her big break but she found a happy life In the arms of a good man with sapphire blue eyes Had a child two winters later and named her Caroline After the saddest song she ever heard from a Texas poet she'd long admired She takes her daughter to the south pier pail full of pennies by their side 'Cause creekbeds and city fountains and rivers work just fine And from the palm of her only child her penny wishes still fly - See more at: