Never Could Leave

Cheley Tackett
Cheley Tackett



(Lisa Carver/Ashley McBryde/Cheley Tackett)


Were you really gonna sit there

And act like you didn’t feel me walk in

If that’s how you wanna play this I’ll play this

Game with you again

Like the last time was the last time


I know better tonight

You’re somewhere I don’t belong

But you’re here and you know me

I should be going home

I never could leave well enough alone


Damndest thing about a lover

Is they’ll always be somewhere you’ve been

And you’re left with the knowin’, their secrets,

What it takes to do ‘em in

Baby the less I do the more that you want me to


(Repeat Chorus)


You always loved me to wait make you be the one to break down

I love the way you let me take my time and drag it out