Bitter Girl

Cheley Tackett
Cheley Tackett



(Cheley Tackett/Robert K. Wolf) 


Bone dry without a drop of rain

You looked for love in vain

Bitter girl


Good man (at) least for a little while

Until he stole your smile

Bitter girl


Dead-on right, you’ve had a hard life


Scars don’t heal easy as they used to/is that what’s killin’ you

(You) live each breath fightin’ with an enemy/haunts your memory

Angry at an angry world, bitter girl


Blue sky, you say it weighs you down

You learned to hang the clouds

Bitter girl


Stranded out here where nothin’ grows

You and your shadow

Bitter girl


Dead on right, another day goes by


(Repeat Chorus) 


Sour years salt filled tears left a bad taste on your lips

Think you’re stuck but you make your own luck with love & forgiveness, sweet forgiveness


(Repeat Chorus)